1 Man Band by Yitzy Rosengarten

phone: 845-701-5327/730-8479

1-Sruly's Heimishe 24 Hour Car Service

phone: 732-740-5851

1217 Medina Rd
specializing in mezuzah house calls

phone: 848-373-8895

14th Street Haircuts
men, boys and upsherins - 14th St. Area

phone: 732-806-5855

23 Hour Lock Service
Best prices in Town

phone: 732-730-3757

Jill Elbaz

phone: 732-829-0536

A & B Leadmasters
Lead abatment, lead evalution,testing,risk assesment, we also test for Asbestos Fax 230-6676

phone: 732-901-0222

A Band for Pumping on Shabbos

phone: 732-901-1436

A Beauty Plus
skin care, cosmetics & perfume

phone: 363-0256/845-596-8549

A Change of Face
waxing, makeup & skincare sales C. Lowy

phone: 732-367-1819

A Decorative Edge
Faige Tress

phone: 732-364-1760/cell 580-0968

A Designer's Dream
Miryam Grunfeld

phone: 732-886-9315

A General Sewer & Plumbing Service Inc

phone: 732-363-3363

A Laser Spa

phone: 732-300-7061/ 987-5561

A Lesson A Day-English Chofetz Chaim

phone: 364-7412/901-1945

A Mother's Dream
nursing pumps & supplies

phone: 732-730-0929

A Music Agency
Finding you the best deals on One Man, Full Bands and Singers

phone: 646-319-8177

A Personal Touch/Miriam Friedman
original artwork & art classes for boys & Girls

phone: 732-367-3433

A Plus Cleaning

phone: 732-FOR-APLUS (367-2758)

A Professional Style & Cut by Miriam Strulovics

phone: 732-415-8955

A Shoe Dream

phone: 732-370-5437

A Silverline Construction
S. Schonbrun

phone: 330-2631/905-0075



phone: 732-534-0734

110 Hillside Blvd Ste 8 Westgate Exec Off

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

A to Z Auto Repair
late hours and weekends

phone: 732-806-7433


A to Z Pest Control
termite and pest control services

phone: 1-844-ATOZPEST/730-7140

A To Z Site contractors, Inc

phone: 732-886-8000

A To Z Site contractors,Inc
S. Perlstein

phone: 732-886-8000

A World of Paints By GN Paints
lakewoods premier paint supplier

phone: 732-987-4362

199 Ocean Ave

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

A&B Leadmasters (Gershon Kaufman)
Lead Abatement/Lead Testing/Risk Assesments

phone: 901-0222/600-8821

326 3rd St.

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

A&E Computers

phone: 732-364-2594

A&H Exchange

phone: 732-367-MILE (6453)



phone: 732-920-6999

Brick, NJ, 08723

A&S Insurance
Avraham Salzberg

phone: 718-633-9743

A+ Galvanic Electrolysis
electrolysis by Sheva Lefkowitz

phone: 732-942-0770

Westgate Area

A+ Hosiery
lowest prices. free delivery. call or text

phone: (347) 587-9683

A+ Quickbooks Expert

phone: 732-961-6152

A+ Sewer & Drain Cleaning Service
Yitzchok Smith

phone: 732-213-7708

A-1 Man Band
$60/hr (vorts $70/hr) no min. hrs Yaakov Kibel

phone: 730-1655/9983517

A-Z Embroidery

phone: 732-987-9777

A-Z Home Improvement

phone: 732-684-3814

A-Z Moving Services
best prices, efficient & reliable, shomer shabbos. Ask about our small job same day specials

phone: 732-806-5444

A-Z Party Planning/ Consulting by Sarh Faham
Elegant and contemporary designs for you simcha afordable pricing

phone: 732-822-3736

A-Z Sheitel Supplies Wholesale/Reatail

phone: 732-905-0663

A. I. Stone
non-iron shirts

phone: 275-5631/746-5035

A. Schubert Appraisals LLC

phone: 732-886-1202


A.C. Moore

phone: 732-255-9509

Brick, NJ, 08723

A.Gordon Plumbing
plumbing,repairs & installation

phone: 732-814-4683

A.S.A.P. Appliance, Heat, & A/C Repair
Shloimie Goldberg

phone: 732-966-2871

A1 Property Management

phone: 917-860-6823

AAA Fire Equipment

phone: 732-901-6668

AAA Mechaya
7th & 8th grade sleep-away camp in the mountains (R' Ysnky Moddel)

phone: 848-525-2874

AAMCO Transmissions

phone: 732-370-2200

125 Main St.

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

Aaron Laundau Diamonds

phone: 732-364-2736

AB Accounting Solutions
accounting and tax services Avrohom Berger

phone: 732-239-6080

ABC Chiropractic & Wellness Center
Dr Shari Roseff

phone: 732-370-9200


699 Cross Street Unit 1 Suite 118

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

Abe Edelman, Planning with a Difference

phone: 908-770-1703/905-3829

ABH Flooring

phone: 732-779-7671

ABH Quality Carpets

phone: 732-901-6167

Abraham Dovid Haircutting

phone: 732-674-1232

Absolutely Transportation LLC

phone: 732-719-3883/cell: 973-941-5561


AC Moore

phone: 732-243-0656

Brick, NJ, 08723


phone: 367-0429/370-4747

216 Clifton Ave/Westgate Plaza

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

Access/Database Consultant
Toby Wasser

phone: 732-363-7369


Accessible Homes
accessibility in your home-stair lifts, ramps, bathrooms/showers

phone: 732-886-5800

Accessory Rac
costume jewelry for all ages

phone: 901-6175/201-560-8440

1002 Twin Oaks Dr.

Acclaim Photo

phone: 732-905-2729

AcclaiMed Healthcare Inc.
medical supplies

phone: 732-886-6559

Accredited Dermatology
Drs. Geffner/Trivedi)(V. Polozio/R. Akermann PA

phone: 370-3003/987-3700

525 Route 70 stA1 Lakewood /100 Veterans Highway st100 Jackson

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

Accu-Scan Imaging

phone: 732-901-6745/888-SCANMRI/fax 901-7550

1 Kathleen Dr, Ste 4

Jackson, NJ, 08527

Acculite Controls

phone: 732-490-8005

Accurate Bookkeeping Solutions

phone: 908-783-2645

Accurate Builders
Yaakov Klugmann

phone: 732-941-0300

Accurate Costume Plans
architectural layout and design additions basements etc. C. Tropper

phone: 848-525-5115

Accurate Data Services
Menachem Kain

phone: 732-370-0070

Accurate Medical Billing Solutions
specializing in billing all therapies, also serving physcians & DME suppliers

phone: 732-730-9551

Ace Medical Supply

phone: 732-367-6700

700 Rt 70 E

Ace Restoration

phone: 732-364-9123


phone: 732-987-3948

216 River Ave.Suite 213

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

tutoring and mentoting services

phone: 732-901-1500/Fax 901-1551

1725 Oak Street

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

Adart press

phone: 664-9664/347-764-2800

422 Martin Luther King Dr.

call M. Yoselovsky

phone: 732-901-1945

Address It!
custom electric address signs

phone: 987-7028/905-0313


Adelphia Chiropractic Center

phone: 732-905-8787

Adelphia Yeshiva
Office/Bais Medrash

phone: 431-1600/4164


Adelphia, NJ, 07710

Adirim Noodles

phone: 732-363-2546

Adler, Zeeva
Waxman Realty

phone: 732-367-1922(res)/363-0300

Advanced Clean Up Service

phone: 732-779-7671

Advanced Data Management
ADMIRE PRO Fundraising/School/Dinner/Journal Software

phone: 732-901-4015

Advanced Settlements

phone: 732-987-9931

AdvancePC Tech Computer Services
computer repairs, servers, network
Advantage Home & Property Inspections, LLC
Chaim Resnick

phone: 732-606-7040

Aesthetic, Laser & Skin Care
Raizel Halon

phone: 732-363-8847

Aesthetics by Estie

phone: 886-0731/619-1024

Affordable Appliance Repair (Yanky Leiser)

phone: 732-552-4033

Affordable Driveway Paving & Maintenance

phone: 904-4004/614-0665

Affordable Fruit Platters by Zisel

phone: 363-1609/848-210-4304

Affordable Stam
Rabbi Yaakov Schwimmer

phone: 732-363-3283/cell(216) 269-7721

Affordable! Laptop Repair

phone: 347-213-7714