Ateres Esther Kallah Gown Gemach

phone: 886-1078/370-4591

Bertram Children Gown Gemach

phone: 732-942-4563

Boy's Cap Gemach

phone: 732-961-9332

Boy's Clothing

phone: 901-5794/364-6035

Boy's Wedding Clothing Gemach

phone: 615-5-gemach

Boys Tuxedo Gemach
suites sizes 1-8

phone: 732-363-0325

Chasdei Rivka Rochel
Boys Wedding Outfit

phone: 732-363-1228

Children Chasuna Dresses and Gowns

phone: 732-942-7047

Deja New
ladies & children clothing all sizes

phone: 732-813-3352

1209 River Ave

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

Gemach Zichron Gittel
Gemach for mother & sister of bride

phone: 732-277-0964

Headpiece Gemach
Gemach Simchas Baila/Other

phone: 363-7369/367-4171/367-5624/886-9022

Infant Simcha Wear

phone: 732-364-7317

Jewelry/Costume Jewelry Gemachs

phone: 363-1700/886-0638

Kallah Gown Gemachs
Chasdei Rivka Rochel/other

phone: 732-363-4587

Kallah Headpieces
C. Kanarek

phone: 732-942-1624

Kallah Shoe Gemach

phone: 732-730-1916

Kanarek Gown Gemach
ladies gowns

phone: 732-730-9521

Kanarek Preteen Gown Gemach
sizes 14-22

phone: 732-730-2374

Ladies Suits/Girls Simcha Dress Gemach
sent to E"Y

phone: 597-8418/367-8454

Maternity Simcha Dress & Gown Gemach

phone: 848-226-1837


Mens Clothing Gemach

phone: 848-525-2948

Miller's Gown Gemach

phone: 732-367-4771

Petticoat Gemach

phone: 732-364-1613(children's)/364-7485(adults)

Shoe Gemach (sizes 30-41)

phone: 732-730-1212

Shoes for Simchas (Neuhaus)
baby and kids shoes to match wedding colors

phone: 732-730-1634

Tznius Alterations

phone: 732-367-3368

Westgate Shoe Gemach
new shoes at cost price

phone: 732-893-7463 (SHOE)

Yad Avrohom Ahron
Designer Clothing Pickup

phone: 732-534-2867

Zichron Batsheva Poleyeff
Chasunah Dress Gemach

phone: 732-370-8994