call M. Yoselovsky

phone: 732-901-1945

Air Bed Compressor/Air Beds-Pumps

phone: 961-0919/901-3983

Air Pump Gemach

phone: 732-901-1945

Airbed (blow up mattress & pump) Gemach

phone: 730-8373/961-0919

chesnut area/east end area

Alef Bais CD
to teach Alef Bais

phone: 732-370-3344

Animal Traps

phone: 901-7544/370-0495

Artist Gemach
bring joy to someone with the perfect personalized art or music

phone: 367-3970/908-770-9349

Babysitters Central

phone: 905-6722/942-7730/370-2674

Baking Pans & Forms

phone: 732-367-5624

Beam Detector

phone: 942-8857/905-5504/901-1945

Bedrest Books and Tapes

phone: 363-7318/370-4884

Beeper Gemach

phone: 732-942-3448(beepers only)/367-2711(cells & beepers)

Blood Pressure Moniter

phone: 732-370-0236

Car Carrier (roof-top)/ Bike Rack

phone: 732-901-1945

Reb. Zehava Bernstein Taharas Mishpacha

phone: 732-575-4390

Challah Baking Segula Group

phone: 905-1176/942-7535

Chasunah Gift Drop-off
new only

phone: 364-8231/364-8943/905-2539

Chasunah Shtick for Men

phone: 732-363-0141

Chupah Tefilah Card Gemach

phone: 691-2762/367-1620/322-7134

CLEP Books Gemach

phone: 732-886-6355

14 Newberry Court

Coolers/Insulated Bags

phone: 367-6013/901-1945

Copy tapes and CD/Transfer CD to I-pod
Call between 7:30-8:30

phone: 732-363-2308

Costume Gemach

phone: 370-3750/773-600-6607

Dehumidifier Gemach

phone: 363-2153/370-3116/901-1945

Dinette Set Table and Chair

phone: 732-364-3981

Driver's Manual Gemach

phone: 732-370-3116

Driving Directions
Computer Printout

phone: 732-730-0508

E-Z Pass

phone: 901-0745/905-1895

Electric Heaters
Short Term//Long Term)(call 24 hrs/day

phone: 367-5750/370-2229/886-1902/730-8436/363-6693

Esrog Jelly Gemach

phone: 732-367-3018

Fax for Bochrim

phone: 732-364-7842/fax # 364-8314

Fax Gemach
out machine; only sends

phone: 364-0984/942-9324/901-4386

Folding Bed Gemachs
8417 also has mattress w/out bed

phone: 886-1975/370-0436/370-3928/370-3959/364-8417/730-0349/961-1196

Free Shiurim/Resources On Shalom Bayis

phone: 641-715-3800 Access Code 960187#

Gardening Equipment

phone: 732-905-0979


phone: 901-1945/364-1154/370-0793

Hand Truck

phone: 730-3014/901-9698/364-1094

Hashavas Aveida Gemach

phone: 732-905-3834

Helpers to pack when moving

phone: 732-901-0347

Hospital Gown Gemach

phone: 510-5106/905-7809

Hospital Gowns (Tznius)

phone: 942-4596/367-8298/370-1421

Hospital Tables Over Beds

phone: 908-670-7637

Hot Plate (griddle)

phone: 364-1094/886-2081/905-2590/901-1945


phone: 370-3116/730-9126

Humidifiers & Vaporizers

phone: 732-367-4925

34 Engelberg Ter

Israeli Cellphone Free Gemach

phone: 732-363-2892

Judy Caplan over the bed rolling hospital table

phone: 364-5975/995-4540


phone: 370-1759/901-1945/901-3983

Keep Dry Gemach
waterproof protection for casts & bandages

phone: 732-370-0287

Kittel Gemach

phone: 732-901-1945

Kosher Vegi-Capsul Zichron Raizel
to keep

phone: 732-364-8046

Kosherlamp Gemach

phone: 732-730-1373

Ladder Gemach

phone: 901-5148/901-2656/901-1945/886-6512


phone: 364-1094/367-9031


phone: 732-370-8548

Lev Rochel Bikur Cholim Medela Double Pumps

phone: 732-363-4327

Lev Rochel Bikur Cholim Medical Supplies

phone: 732-363-0470

mostly novels - nominal membership fee, East End Area, open Sun 10-11:30, Wed. 8:30-9:30,Fri.1-3:30

phone: 732-370-2673

Linens, Pillows, Blankets

phone: 364-8417/364-8472/730-0873/370-3977/364-3034

Lost it Found it Hotline

phone: 844-567-8844

Medication Over The Counter

phone: 901-3238/370-8752

Mezuza Gemach

phone: 901-2637/886-6244/779-8728/905-5905

Mezuzos Gemachs

phone: 901-3214/942-8857/905-0372/886-9334

Moving Blankets

phone: 732-905-2272

Moving Boxes

phone: 730-9801/364-7228/901-9058/363-5763

Notary Gemach

phone: 901-4386/347-524-0480

OCF Orthodox Community Foundation
free job/kollel/community refferal database

phone: fax:718-247-9775

Ohel Harashbi
Hachnosas Orchim in Meron

phone: 888-4-YESHUOS/905-9324

Paper Goods, Tin Pans, Pampers

phone: 732-370-4412

Parenting Books for Infants
train your baby to eat play and sleep, guidance provided

phone: 917-238-6468

426 N Lake Drive

Portable Car Refrigerator

phone: 732-901-6861

Power Washer Gemach

phone: 732-901-3069

R' Smith Halacha & Haskafa tapes

phone: 732-901-6851

4th & Forest

Ramekin Gemach for Simchos

phone: 901-6453/730-8439


phone: 732-886-1218

Rides to and from Montreal

phone: 732-961-9974

Rides to/from Wash. Hgts./Columbia Pres

phone: 732-886-5485

Segulah Hafrashas Challah

phone: 732-942-9147

Sewing Patterns

phone: 732-905-2842

Shabbos Clock Gemach

phone: 732-905-4031

Shabbos Emergency Phone Gemach
call 2 weeks before due date

phone: 732-364-3032

Shabbos Kits

phone: 732-942-8468

Shana Rishona Gemach
guiding you every step of the way

phone: 917-435-9322

Sheitel Gemach

phone: 364-3034/367-2203

Snake for Toilets

phone: 732-370-2338

Stapler Gemach
all kinds

phone: 732-901-1945

Sterno Gemach
M. Bernath

phone: 732-730-8519


phone: 732-901-1945

Sump Pump/Electric Snake/Post Digger

phone: 905-1231/901-1945

Table and Chairs

phone: 732-684-1171

The Chesed Network

phone: 905 9700 ext: 601

To Find a Chavrusa/Buy Sifrei Breslov

phone: 732-415-0224

Tool Gemach

phone: 905-0979/901-1945

Wet/Dry Power Vacuum

phone: 886-5304/364-8952/901-1945/363-0799(also reg. vacuum)

Wheel Chairs

phone: 732-364-2545

665 Princeton Ave #210

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

Wheelchairs & Walkers

phone: 905-9011/370-0436

Zehava Braunstein Tapes Gemach

phone: 961-9468/905-3025