A-Z Embroidery

phone: 732-987-9777

Baskets by Blimi
fruit & vegetable arrangements & salads

phone: 732-363-9208

under KCL


Blue Diamond

phone: 732-363-3027

Bow Ties - Gift Wrapping

phone: 732-363-1245

Brown Bear Embroidery

phone: 732-367-0128


phone: 732-FOR-CANDY (367-2263)

256 2nd St

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

Chocolate Palace

phone: 732-942-7603


Chocolate Specialties
custom chocolate bars, pictures, logos, monograms

phone: 732-995-2473

Confection Collection

phone: 732-905-3039


6754 Rt 9 S

personalized gifts, crafts & t-shirts

phone: 732-370-3449


phone: 732-994-5356

Embroidery 4 Less

phone: 732-367-5749

European Silver

phone: 732-942-9372

Masterpieces in Faux Floral Design
Floral Expressions

phone: 732-719-7378

100 Mulford

Fruit by Design

phone: 732-886-8155


Gedolim Gallery

phone: 732-905-2799

Gedolim Pictures (& frames) of Lakewood

phone: 363-8475/503-8475

Get it Airbrushed

phone: 732-267-8569

Gift Card Registry
Gift Cards

phone: 732-730-2321

196 Hollywood Ave

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

Gold Leaf by Twigs
evening bags and clutches

phone: (917) 693-9102

Hat in the Box Chocolate Miniatures

phone: 732-886-5485


phone: 732-730-9515

Judaica Plaza

phone: 732-942-4500

1700 Madison Ave (Shop-Rite Plaza)

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

Lasting Memories
Digital scrap books and photo collages

phone: 732-905-5842

Legacies Video Documentaries
anniversary, yahrzeit video, memoirs and more everlasting gifts

phone: 1-877-8 LEGACIES

Make It Mine
custom engraved crystal, glass and acrylic giftware

phone: 732-800-2123

Noir Gifts

phone: 732-363-3263

Oz Promotions
Promo King

phone: 732-905-8078

Pencil Portraits

phone: 732-901-7414

2 Jeanine Way

Perfect Image
photo books and albums see our ad in photo finishing section

phone: 732-370-5145

Personally Yours Embroidery
gifts and commercail

phone: 732-901-6966

Present Presented

phone: 732-370-9252

Present- It!
unique gift wrapping for all occasions Sarala Fishman

phone: 655-WRAP (9727)

Salads@Baskets by Blimi
delicious and beautifully presented salads

phone: 732-363-9208

under KCL


Say It Gourmet

phone: 732-886-0151

See Gedolim
Gedolim, Kosel and Judaic framed canvas art Elhanan Reuven

phone: 347-668-6080/917-796-2769


Set Your Table

phone: 732-987-5569

916 River Ave.(chateau Plaza)

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

Shtender Supreme

phone: 732-367-1236

Stitches Custom Embroidey

phone: 732-370-7809

Sweitzer Candy

phone: 732-907-7670


266 Cedarbridge Ave

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

T.O.T. Gifts
personalized gifts for all occasions

phone: 732-860-8453

The Custom Shoppe

phone: 732-961-6669

272 Cedarbridge Avenue

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

The Green Bowl
beautifully gift wrapped salads and fruit platters Deena Weiss
The Perfect Gift

phone: 732-649-8007

The Rolling Pin

phone: 732-363-8923

Toys 4 U

phone: 732-243-8697

Toys for Thought

phone: 732-363-4009

310 3rd St

Lakewood, NJ, 08701


phone: 732-987-4020

361 Cedarbridge Ave.

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

Wrap it Up!
quality gifts- closeout prices. wrapping service, hostess & mishloach monos etc.

phone: 732-901-8342