A Personal Touch/Miriam Friedman
monograms on melons/fruit platters

phone: 732-367-3433

Artworks by Elise

phone: 732-886-6183

Discover Art Studio
art lessons for boys and adults- Shepsil Scheinberg

phone: 732-367-7520

Expressions of Art Studio & Gallery
Debora Zemble

phone: 732-370-7974

Magic Doodle Art Classes
- Nechama Kruk, Leah Fendel

phone: 732-330-5403

Rivky's Art Lessons

phone: 732-901-7703

Shaindy's Art
fine art classes for boys & girls- Mozes

phone: 732-370-5271

335 Carey Street

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

Shurkin Art School

phone: 732-616-6538

The Art Place (C.S. Katz)
professional art curricullum for ladies, teens, girls and boys

phone: 732-363-7031

VKStudio Art School
art lessons for all ages, groups or private- V. Keilson

phone: 732-367-7790