"hair" we are

phone: 732-886-8246

Framing Plus
- Maier Schreibe

phone: 732-364-4811

Judaic Art by Chava Roth

phone: 732-364-5146

Shepsil Scheinberg
illustration/ caricatures

phone: 732-367-7520

Simcha Studios

phone: 363-4702, Fax 905-5591

The Gedolim Gallery
hand painted oil portraits

phone: 732-370-1533

The Perfect Portrait
beautiful hand-painted portraits at very reasonable prices

phone: 732-370-1533

35 Adams Street. By appt. only.

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

The Signmaker by Peshy Spiro
Signs & Bulletins for your classroom or school

phone: 732-905-3306

V. Keilson
illustrations,ads caricatures at parties and events and more

phone: 732-367-7790