Accessory Rac
costume jewelry for all ages

phone: 901-6175/201-560-8440

1002 Twin Oaks Dr.


phone: 732-942-3000

Anisfeld Fine Jewelry

phone: 732-370-0154

Ari's Jewelry

phone: 732-367-3414

189 E. Kennedy Blvd.

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

Assouline Designs
fine jewelry, diamonds, watches

phone: 732-364-4647

Bitz of Glitz
side door

phone: 364-GLITZ(4548)

165 Flintlock Dr.

Blue Diamond

phone: 732-363-3027

Bluestone CZ Jewelers
cz jewelry sterling silver/gold...

phone: 732-370-1787

Bornstein Jewelers
Wholesale Engagement Rings and Diamond Jewlery

phone: 732-Chaya 364-6152/Toby 352-3529

Cash for Gold
Chana Leah

phone: 908-910-4369

Ear Piercing By Estee Rubinfeld

phone: 732-363-1585

Ear Piercing In Ridge Area

phone: 732-363-8916

Ear Piercing/Jewelry Repair

phone: 732-364-0425

Exclusive sterling silver jewelry

phone: 732-606-3236/(718) 916-4913

Expert Pearl Restringing
for all your pearl and beaded jewelry

phone: 732-806-0882

FiveStar Appraisal Services

phone: 732-497-8258

Glace Fine Jewelery
S. Schwartz

phone: 732-730-1678

Golden Cuties
By Sarah

phone: 732-364-6009

Chesterfield Commons

House of Gems
14k jewlery childrens through teens

phone: 732-942-9759

It's Official
Diamond Kallah Bracelets

phone: 347-927-2235

Jewelry by Rivky
Rivky Abecasis

phone: 732-364-7297

Kaylah Designs
fine gold and diamond jewelry, sterling silver jewelry; jewelry and watch repair.

phone: 367-(gold)4653

1700 Madison Ave.(shoprite plaza)

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

KOR Diamond Manufacturers
lowest prices for diamonds

phone: 732-905-0915

L&M Jewelry Creations
D. Rapaport

phone: 732-806-5050

Westgatae Executive Offices

Lakewood Watches

phone: 732-312-8696

Little Charms

phone: 732-730-0743

Ocean Jewlz
fashion jewlery

phone: 347-668-2827

Pearl & Bead Restringing

phone: 732-370-9097

Precious Pearls

phone: 732-942-7228

Ram Jewelers

phone: 732-363-6808

711 Park Ave.

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

Reich Jewelers

phone: 732-942-9372

Sarah's Creations

phone: 908-910-3809

Simply Elegant
silverjewelry.20%off kollel families

phone: (917) 482-6052

Sparkles/ Handbags

phone: 732-367-1000

Szoj Jewelers
full service jeweler

phone: 732-806-5597

The Diamond Mine

phone: 732-523-1343

The Jewelry Store

phone: 732-730-0786

Treasure Trove

phone: 732-370-3310


phone: 732-730-7851

49 Roselle Ct