A-Z Sheitel Supplies Wholesale/Reatail

phone: 732-905-0663

Amber Wig Coloring & Salon
professional dying and high lighting and wash n sets

phone: 848-210-3870

Baila's Hair & Makeup Salon
Baila Friedman

phone: 732-367-4826

Bassy Rubin Wigs

phone: 848-240-1421

Blows Cuts & Sheitels by BCS

phone: 732-886-7671

Chanie Friedman Wigs

phone: 732-367-1067


Presidential Estates

Dalia's Wigs and Hair Salon

phone: 732-961-6920

Dassy Friedman

phone: 732-905-6902

Devora Spinrad's Wig Salon

phone: 347-417-2710

Devori Perl
wash & sets picked up & delivered - hairdos for all occasions

phone: 848-299-2906

Dickstein, Rivky's Shaital Boutique

phone: 732-363-7915

Faham,Sarah Hair and Sheitel Salon
specializing in Simchas/ongoing Hair and Wig courses

phone: 363-4980/822-3736

Pine Street Area

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

Feldberger, Rochel Wigs

phone: 732-575-5325

Fisher, Raizy
The Collection

phone: 732-370-1622

12 Ocean Side Dr

Friedman Gitty Sheitels
sales,wash & sets,dyeing,repairs

phone: 732-901-9677

Ganzweig, Shainy
wash 'n' sets

phone: 732-730-1862

Yesodei Ct. (Oak/Albert area)

Garfinkel, Nechama Sheitels

phone: 732-370-7894

Gigi Schon Wig Salon

phone: 732-503-3273

Gross, Chana'la
sales and service

phone: 732-806-5716 text/call

Grossman, Shani Wig Salon

phone: 732-364-3032

Heads Up Hair and Wig Courses
Pessi Brog

phone: 848-525-4096

Kaluszyner, Sarah Sheitel Net Repairs

phone: 732-370-2881

Miriam Shaindel

phone: 732-773-5794

Miriam Wolpin/ Elegance Wigs

phone: 732-730-9624

212 Second Street

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

Nechama Davidowitz

phone: 732-367-7032

Heathstone area

Perel's Touch by Perel Gibber

phone: 732-370-2866

Pessy Brog Wigs

phone: 732-364-3490

Rachel Bloch Wigs

phone: 732-364-1072

Rachel Gugenheim Wig Salon

phone: 732-363-4176


Raizel Sussman Wigs

phone: 732-901-6967

26 Columbus Ave.

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

Reena's Salon

phone: 732-901-8867

1711 Clifton Ave.

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

Shaindy Schwartz

phone: 732-730-2107

Sheitel Exchange/Shaitel Gemach (FREE)

phone: 732-367-2203

Sheitels & Hair By Leah Bromberg
cuts, dyes, wash n sets, hair styling and updos

phone: 732-363-6916

Sheitels by Baila Toba Gebus
sales, cuts, dyes, wash & sets

phone: 732-370-3727

Sheitels by Hindy
Hindel Chaya Shachar

phone: 732-363-5460

1554 Redondo Lane

Sheitels by Malkie Fleischmann (Schiff)

phone: 732-363-1491

7th & Park

Sheitels by Rivkie Seeve

phone: 732-905-5752

Sheitels by Yehudis Weingarten

phone: 732-370-2409

Sheitels for Less
sales, resales & repair

phone: 364-2325/267-4551

Style it Right
hair and wig styling for all occasions Brocha Zimmerman

phone: 732-367-0217

Genendel Krauss

phone: 732-569-2947

Wig Color by Malky Kopp

phone: 732-363-8376/text 245-6807

Wigs & Hair by Yocheved

phone: 908-910-3770 call or text

Wigs by Esty

phone: 730-1396/ 347-578-3122

53 Carey Street

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

Wigs by Yehudis Guzik

phone: 732-363-6989

Yehudis Wigs
Yehudis Felsenburg

phone: 732-905-7362

Raintree area