Attentive Behavior Care

phone: 732-710-4443

681 River Ave. Suite #2H

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

Behavior And Educational Consulting
social skills, behavior plans, cognitive, language skills, focusing & impulse controll Mindy Rosenthal, MS, BCBA

phone: 732-606-7700

Binyomin Reich M.A. CCC SLP
English & Yidish Member Divison 4 of ASHA (Fluency)

phone: 732-966-4673

Brain Builders
Rachel Sorotzkin MS BCBA

phone: 732-833-3723

Center for Speech and Movement

phone: 732-363-1992

Cranial Therapy Centers
Helmet Remolding and Torticollis Therapy

phone: 732-415-2318

Diskind, F.
private practice -speech, OT

phone: 732-367-6332

Emotional Freedom Techniques
center for EFT-Mrs. S. Ungarisher

phone: 732-886-6470

light,cognitive training through sound and movement

phone: 732-806-7345

Goldstein, Mimi

phone: 732-942-1235

Hecht, Ruchama SLP- Speech Therapist

phone: 732-363-5379

Integrated Language Communication
speech, OT, floortime, ABA Yuta Weiss CCC-SLP

phone: 732-905-1212 Fax: 534-0431

Language Builders

phone: 732-276-5593

Leap Ahead Physical Therapy
pediatric physical therapy

phone: 718-791-5122

Leibowitz Debra OTRL
occupational therapist

phone: 567-7984/363-3887

304 Carey St.

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

Leitman Speech Pathology Services

phone: 732-410-7820

26 Pine Blvd Suite 4

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

Levenson, Rabbi Meir
zobin method

phone: 908-616-9124

MarMorstein, Chantzy
experienced speech therapists, at your location,accepting United Healthcare

phone: 905-3705/ 917-797-9018

Milestones Therapy
Ruchie Cohn, OTR/L Supervisor

phone: 732-534-5873

Pediatric Speech Associates
Devorah Waldman

phone: 732-276-6465/fax:719-6892

920 E County Line Rd Suite 101

Play on Words Speech Therapy
C. Greenebaum, M. Chomsky

phone: 732-806-1421

Rosenthal Mindy MS BCBA

phone: 732-606-7700

Sauer, Shalva Feeding Therapist
UHC provider for feeding/ swallowing/ speech

phone: 732-237-6147

Speech Languauge Leaders (Deena Bodenheim)

phone: 732-865-5632

Speech Solutions
Frumi Garfunkel

phone: 732-363-1717

Star Therapeutics

phone: 732-961-7413

Steps To Success
ABA/behavior therapy, case manegemnet Tzivi Shreibman MS-BCBA

phone: 732-664-3114

Tender Touch SpeechTherapy

phone: 732-364-3772

685 River Ave.

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

The Puzzle Place Center for Autism
full day ABA therapy in preschool setting
The Sensory Outlet
occupational therapy

phone: 732-730-7850

7 Bridgewood Ave

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

The Talk Team- Brocha Fishman
speech therapist

phone: 732-364-4387

speech & occupationsl therapy

phone: 732-994-0350

886 River Avenue

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

Weinman Speech Language Pathology
Malky Weinman

phone: 732-850-8435

Whole Team Therapy
Rena Lederer

phone: 732-534-6707

1200 River Ave Suite 10C

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

Wordperfect Speech and Language
Dassy Deckelbaum

phone: 732-905-6956