Baltimore-Lakewood Ride Gemach
call if you need a ride or to offer a ride

phone: 732-367-9739


phone: 732-367-4600

Jay's Bus Service
Yosef Ellinson

phone: 732-370-5297

672 Cross Street

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

Klarr Bus service

phone: 732-905-5100

Lakewood Express
formaly Darkenu

phone: 845-510-5113

Lakewood Midtown (NYC) Bus Group

phone: 732-994-3789

Lakewood-Williamsburg Shuttle Service

phone: 347-578-3440

Bus Service

phone: 732-707-7287

Monsey Van (Rockshire Transit)

phone: 845-352-8543


phone: 732-367-4600

New Jersey Transit

phone: 973-275-5555

Prodrive LLC
15 passenger vans for schools and camps

phone: 965-7665/966-6860 cell

Simontov Bus Service

phone: 732-493-8888