A Change of Face
waxing, makeup & skincare sales C. Lowy

phone: 732-367-1819

Aesthetic, Laser & Skin Care
Raizel Halon

phone: 732-363-8847

Aesthetics by Estie

phone: 886-0731/619-1024

Aidi Skin Care/ Spa/ Makeup
Aidi Levine

phone: 732-688-8575

Aliza's Waxing Salon

phone: 732-370-1991

All About Hue
L Weinberg

phone: 732-886-1022

make up application & carrying high quality skin care

phone: 732-812-7579

Avigayil Neuman
Faces by Avigayil

phone: 732-363-8496

Baila Hiller

phone: 245-2267/310-309-1914

Baila's Hair & Makeup Salon
Baila Friedman

phone: 732-367-4826

Beautiful HUE
make up application & carrying high quality skin care

phone: 732-812-7579

Beauty By Esti

phone: 732-730-2383

Belle Visage
Esther Fried make-up artist

phone: 732-905-8265

Blumie Siniger Cosmetics& Application for your Simcha

phone: 732-364-5869

27 Martin St.

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

Boxer Beauty
Sara Boxer

phone: 732-534-4057

Chesny, Miriam
certified makeup artist

phone: 848-863-0004

Color Me Beautiful
Rivky Deutsch

phone: 732-232-8670

Complete Look

phone: 347-721-4799

85 Melville Ave/Cedarbridge

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

Esther Cohen Make Up Artist

phone: 732-306-1314

Face Art by Blumi
Blumi Steinmetz

phone: 732-370-6562

Face It
S. Krausz

phone: 848-525-8232/901-5075

Facials & Waxing by Henny

phone: 732-364-1296

GLO by Ariella

phone: 732-370-7072

Karen & Co.
makeup artisry & upscale makeup Chavi Bauman

phone: 908-910-9521

Leah's House of Wax
Leah Rabenstein

phone: 732-987-5365

Mac by Miriam

phone: 732-363-8436

Make Up By Avigail (Grunhut)
friday appointments welcome, available at home or hall

phone: 732-228-3922

Make Up By Faigy
F. Weiss

phone: 732-364-9982

Make Up By Gitty
Make up application for any occasion Gitty Shapiro

phone: 917-613-9284/905-2643

Make Up by Raizy Nussbaum

phone: 917-753-0116

Make Up Designed by Susan Kirsch
Esther Bender

phone: 732-370-8027

Makeup Application by Leah

phone: 732-363-6481

Makeup By Chana Sara Kurlander

phone: 732-608-1437

Makeup by Chanie Hartstein

phone: 908-770-9713

Makeup by Chayala

phone: 703-6822/ 718-810-8948

Makeup by Sarala
Sarala Birnbaum

phone: 732-367-0902

713 Park Ave

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

Makeup By Toby

phone: 732-674-5726

Mary Kay - Esther Klinger

phone: 732-330-2092

Meira Joselit Professional Make-up Artist
Sales and Lessons

phone: 267-760-6901

Mimi Mizrahi / Makeup Artist

phone: 732-678-7222

Miriam Halperin Hair and Make Up

phone: 718-930-8270

Miriam Silber-Glamorous

phone: 732-864-7266

Miriam Sokol Makeup Artist

phone: 732-904-7042

P.C. Profile Cosmetics
Tenenbaum, RL

phone: 732-886-3271

Pink Ink
Hudy Grunberger

phone: 732-677-0975

Posh Pampering

phone: 732-367-6740

Pretty N' Trim

phone: 732-552-7221

Radiance by Rachel
waxing & make-up by Rachel Marizan

phone: 732-730-0352

Park & 7th

Raizel Nacham Make Up Artist
make-up application, sales and waxings

phone: 732-575-3409

Refined Cosmetics/Sorah Gottlieb

phone: 732-370-1421

Rouge Cosmetics by Renee Schweky
makeup application & sales

phone: 732-233-9591

Sheva's Waxing
european wax

phone: 732-917-3554

Shira's Salon

phone: 732-886-0290

Stella Cosmetics
Sara Luban

phone: 732-597-6398

True Colors by Adina
Adina Kirshenbaum

phone: 732-886-9956

Waxing by Iris

phone: 732-961-9250

Pine Street area

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

Zell, Esther Skin Care & Make-up Salon

phone: 732-905-8834

Zissy Friedman

phone: 644-9688/757-5766