Anxiety to Tranquility
Mrs. S. Ungarischer

phone: 732-886-6470

Attuned Social Skills Guidance
Social Skills - Children and Adults- Tzipora Lapa, MSW

phone: 732-330-7876

Bassman, Rochel MSW LCSW

phone: 732-364-5178

Becker Dovid LCSW

phone: 732-475-4422

Benoliel, Shoshana MSW LCSW
specializing in DBT, anxiety and depression

phone: 732-859-5416

Benyamin Halpern, LCSW

phone: 732-730-3900

Berman, Hindel MSW LCSW
Licensed clinical Psychotherapist

phone: 917-679-3400

1387 Alvarado Ave Transfer

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

Brotsky, Gedalia (Jules) LCSW

phone: 364-6060/364-7677

721 W. Kennedy Blvd.

Lakewood, NJ, 08701


phone: 732-364-2144

1771 Madison Ave

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

Cohen, Chanie LCSW

phone: 905-0331/691-1793

Community Family Services for your Growth-CFY Services

phone: 942-5090/ 534-2250

Comprehensive Center for Children and Adolescents
- Daniel Ifrah LCSW

phone: 862-414-2130

Comprehensive Counseling & Therapy
offices in Lakewood & Deal- Rabbi Binyomin Zeilingold MSW LCSW BCD

phone: 732-363-4178

Comprehensive Marriage Course
free and confidential-guarnteed to transform every marrige, endorse by Lakewood Rashei Yeshiva

phone: 206-376-5718

Daum, Bracha LCSW-FACETS

phone: 732-626-0484

David Lieberman PHD
David Lieberman

phone: 732-444-8613

DBT LifeSkills
The lakewood center for dialectical behavieral therapy

phone: 732-363-6595

Drucker, Chaya MSW LCSW ACSW

phone: 985-1119 /236-3110

Edelman, Abe LCSW

phone: 908-770-1703/905-3829

Eisenstein Chana, MS CPC
certified life coach - women and children

phone: 806-SMIL(E)-(7645)

Eitza Free Counseling Hotline
expert guidance for anxiety, shalom bais, ocd and depression

phone: 410-861-0613

Epstein, Meshulem
Specialty in OCD

phone: 732-994-3959

Feldman, Daniella LCSW

phone: 908-783-1414

Fish, Chavie MSW LCSW

phone: 732-278-6124

Francis, Shawlom MSW LCSW
individual, marriage, & family therapy

phone: 908-783-5500

Free Marriage Seminar For Men
endorsed by Gedolei HaRabbanim

phone: 641-715-3800 Access Code 555649#

Freund, Shayne LCSW

phone: 732-740-0588

Frid, Sora Leah, LCSW
specialty in children, play therapy and school-based issues

phone: 848-525-4173

Gelfand Moshe LCSW

phone: 732-604-8201

Gersten, Esther MSW LCSW

phone: 732-363-0020

Green, Avrohom LCSW SRT

phone: 732-806-5630

Halle, Michal LCSW

phone: 732-606-2898

Ocean Therapy Partners 500 River Ave, Suite 230B

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

Hoberman, Yisroel Mayer
certified life coach- parenting

phone: 732-905-6707

Horwitz, Chaim Ph.D

phone: 856-722-9772

Indich, Malki LCSW

phone: 732-995-0557

Jaroslawicz, Goldy LCSW

phone: 732-364-4761

Jewish Family and Children's Services

phone: 732-363-8010

Lakewood Community Services/LCSC
no cost/nominal fee

phone: 886-6964/886-6964

500 W Kennedy Blvd./415 Carey St.

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

Landman Gitty MSW LCSW

phone: 848-299-6663

Langsam,Shea LMHC

phone: 732-503-6976

Lax Yosef LCSW

phone: 732-725-2826

Lazar Moishe LCSW

phone: 732-886-1231

Lerner S. LCSW

phone: 732-637-7774

Levin Chaya, LCSW

phone: 908-839-7430

Miller, Matis LCSW,ACT
The Center for CBT,of N.J.

phone: 732-961-7363

Miriam Gewirtzman MSW, LCSW
Adults, Couples, Children

phone: 732-598-1504

Rabinowicz, Dr. Esther Ph.D.
Licensed Psychlogist

phone: 718-854-0606/908-783-2268

Reiss, Bashie LCSW
spec in postpartum depression & anxiety

phone: 973-945-4565

Relief Resources
mental health referrals Gemach

phone: 732-905-1605

Rochel Leah Rosenbaum LCSW
specializing in building communication skills & conflict resolution

phone: 732-447-8175

Rose, Moshe, MD
Child and Adult Psychiatrist

phone: 732-942-2988

1195 Route 70

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

Roth, Lauren MSW LSW
licensed psychotherapist specializing in marriage and parenting

phone: 732-598-7457

Ryback, Gittie MSW, LCSW
licensed psychotherapist

phone: 732-942-6055

Safran, Esti MS,EDS

phone: 732-534-5793

Schleifer, Sarah L. MSSW LCSW

phone: 0:201-836-4140 C:201-615-9274

Schnitzler, Rachel MS, EDS, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

phone: 732-742-0557

Seeve, Meyer LCSW

phone: 732-814-5885

Shaindel Cohen

phone: 732-367-2399

Shalom Bayis Free Hotline
speak with Rabbanim anonymous & confidential

phone: 732-523-1112

Shine-Life Coaching for Women
- Malka Miriam Holtzberg

phone: 718-812-0152

Speiser, Shira MSSA LCSW

phone: 732-367-1503

Touboul,Jodie MSW LSW

phone: 732-778-4550

Twersky Pessy LSW
anxiety behavior management

phone: 732-674-9102

Vivian Halpert LSW

phone: 732-447-5908

Weinschneider, Eliyahu PSYD
Clinical Psychologist

phone: 732-370-3066

Wiederman, Deena MSW LSW

phone: 732-534-2047

1 Moscapo Dr. Tranfer

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

Zahner, Avrohom D. MSW LCSW

phone: 732-330-4964

Zuckerman, LCSW, Mayer

phone: 732-367-0300

681 River Ave. Suite 2B

Lakewood, NJ, 08701