Babysitting Courses
B Kraushar Girls/Boys, Ages 10-14 Red Cross Cert.

phone: 732-370-5527

Blumenthal, Rochel
red cross certified CPR & lifeguard instructor

phone: 732-901-0925

Eisgrau, Shmuel LTI

phone: 732-600-1550

Jacobovitch, Oshie
ARC certified, first aid, CPR & AED instructor

phone: 732-276-7173

Kraushar, Brochie
CPR/FA/LG courses-renewals, ARC certified

phone: 732-370-5527

Lakewood CPR Training
Heshy Horovitz LTI AHA and ARC certified

phone: 732-908-2771

Lazar, Menachem WSI, LTI

phone: 732-905-6953

Mordechai D. Twerski EMT
CPR and AED Training

phone: 848-525-6868

Zeilberger Soshi
CPR/AED/FA/LG courses for women in your/my location

phone: 732-367-0704