A Personal Touch/Miriam Friedman
original artwork & art classes for boys & Girls

phone: 732-367-3433

Affordable Fruit Platters by Zisel

phone: 363-1609/848-210-4304

Baskets by Blimi
fruit & vegetable arrangements & salads

phone: 732-363-9208

under KCL


Blue Ribbon Fruits & Vegtables

phone: 732-730-7474

681 River Ave.

Lakewood, NJ, 08701


phone: 732-FOR-CANDY (367-2263)

256 2nd St

Lakewood, NJ, 08701

Carve Fruit Artistry
watermelon carvings, fruit platters
Confection Collection

phone: 732-905-3039


6754 Rt 9 S

Fresh & Fruity Platters

phone: 732-905-6831 or text 232-1709


Fruit by Design

phone: 732-886-8155


Fruit Cutting And Design By G&G
at unbelievable prices

phone: 732-730-1279

Fruits With A Flair
Y. Lowy

phone: 732-364-2519

Green Bowl, The
salads and fruits Deena Weiss
Salads@Baskets by Blimi
delicious and beautifully presented salads

phone: 732-363-9208

under KCL